Avionica | Aviónica Picks 13 Of Bolivia’s Best And Brightest Artists
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Apr 24 2015

Aviónica Picks 13 Of Bolivia’s Best And Brightest Artists

“Desde Cero” is more than Aviónica’s calling card. The monster of a song sounds like a true classic from the very first time you hear it – a testament to its writer José “Joti” Mrochek’s talent.


Hailing from Bolivia’s city of Cochabamba, Mrochek has been steadily building bigger audiences for his project Avionica, refining his sophisticated, post-punk infused approach over the years. He references the 80s rock and rock en tu idioma of the same decade; a sound that manages to feel familiar without veering into derivative or lazy territory.


Aviónica’s latest endeavor is “Instinto Animal,” a track whose Gary Numan-level synth riffs and undeniable chorus will have you singing along before you’ve even heard it all the way through. Aviónica is slated to play a couple of shows at the end of the month —April 22nd in Bogotá and April 29th in Mexico City — which gives Colombians and Mexicans a chance to nab “I saw Avionica first” bragging rights.




Check out 13 of Bolivia’s best new sounds below.


  • Doble A:


The moment I listened to the song “Desubicado,” I knew that this was going to be another Santa Cruz de la Sierra band making hits. I love this band. Santa Cruz is also the birthplace of Azul Azul and their song “Bomba,” which has been heard all around the world.I have no doubt that Doble A will also represent Bolivians in the global hip-hop scene. – Aviónica


  • Matamba


Maybe Bolivia won’t take back the sea, but we do have an artist making a reggae/hardcore fusion with a positive social message that can stand up to the greats. I had the chance to see them live and they’re incredible! They have amazing energy, and I know they have a lot of fans all over South America. – Aviónica


  • Villa Victoria Sound System


Bolivia is fertile ground for nu cumbia, and Villa Victoria might be one of the best proponents of the subgenre in the world. All the hallmarks that make this style exciting are here; a reverence for the cumbia beat, playful synthetic melodies, and noisy, menacing bass lurking from every which way. This is one of the shining stars working within the Oi Mas Bass collective. – Remezcla Staff.


  • Electroshock


Electroshock hail from Tarija, a city where the finest wines are made. From the first listen, you know this band has what it takes to blow up internationally: good songs and good production values. They also won a contest thrown by MTV Latino in 2010 for best national band. I listen to them all the time, I have a deep admiration for them. – Aviónica


  • Oil:


This band is from my home city, which also happens to be the home of the world’s most delicious dishes. They’re a powerful grunge/rock band, with dark lyrics and music that takes you on a trip. I’ve known them for long time, they’ve toured all over the country, and I’d even venture to say they’re one of the most important bands in the history of Bolivia. – Aviónica


Fuente: Marcos Hassan
Remezcla Magazine

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